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Vietnamese farmers can grow gourds weighing tens of kilograms like in fairy tales



These fruits, when grown, weigh up to a few tens of kilograms, with 30 kilograms of fruit, so they must be tied with a rope or hooked to a hammock to support.

Gourds are nothing new to Vietnamese people, but gourds are so heavy that people have to tie a rope, hang a hammock so that they don’t fall down, really stun.

Mr. Tran Cong Vinh (Ben Cau, Tay Ninh) owns a gourd garden with huge fruits.

The gourd has a beautiful shape, delicious and sweet to eat. They are also considered a symbol of longevity, good meaning in feng shui.

Each gourd weighs 10-15kg when grown, so they have to hang a hammock to sit on the truss for fear of falling.

After harvesting, the gourd will be gutted to make table lamps, night lights, wine bottles, etc.

Each such product costs 150,000 VND – 700,000 VND depending on the size.

Each gourd tree that Mr. Vinh planted only produces 3-4 fruits due to the size of the fruit, which requires a large amount of nutrients.

Not only Mr. Vinh, but also in Can Tho, there is another “terrible” gourd garden of Mr. Huynh Tai.

The gourd that Mr. Tai planted has a long shape and weighs more than 30kg.

In addition to tying with a strong rope to the truss frame, Mr. Tai also had to arrange chairs to support the gourds that were too big.

This gourd variety is very easy to grow, after 3 months, the fruit will be harvested.

The “giant” gourd, but used to cook soup, is still very delicious and sweet.

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