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100kg Super Beast Defeats 11 Savage Lions and Escapes with Fellow Herd”



Buffalo is not an easy creature to bully in Africa. If a lion hunts alone and subjectively, it is completely possible to be seriously injured, even die.

Therefore, when hunting wild buffalo, lions often follow the herd, choosing the lone, or weakest one to be easily slaughtered. However, if the buffalo herd gathered together to protest, things would become much more difficult.

On the African savannah, after separating from the herd to find a source of water, a wild buffalo was attacked by 11 hungry lions.

Depending on the east, the lions rushed straight into the water to cling and bite the lone buffalo.

Before the attack of the hungry predators, the buffalo immediately rushed ashore to find a way out. However, the 11 lions set the stage for a tense confrontation.

During the siege of the lions, the buffalo decided to retreat to favorable terrain instead of risking his life to open a bloody path to escape.

Due to the lack of swimming skills in the water, the lions had to stand on the shore to watch their prey escape. A few lions tried to give chase by detour, but the buffalo was able to swim to the other side of the river.

Thanks to the smart decision at the last minute, the buffalo had a successful escape.

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